My name is Gowron, son of Saruk, a War Leader among the Maelthra clan of the Dragonborn and these are the tales of my adventures. I was born as the second son to the mighty chief Saruk and since I took my first steps as a baby I was trained to lead our people in combat. In ancient times of the Arkhosia empire the Maelthra was known for their pure dragon blood and was the feared champions of the emperor. Today there is nothing left of the former glory but we still hold on to our honor and traditions. One of these traditions being that each aspiring War Leader to go on a Zhind. A Zhind means that you must travel alone in world to learn and bring honor to your name. Only after you have completed your Zhind you can be given your first command.

When the time came for my Zhind my father decided that I should start with an apprenticeship at his longtime friend Douven Staul and his wife Elanna. Douven could teach me new ways of combat and leadership while Elanna continued my education about the history of our people. I was accepted into their home and stayed with them for what turned out to be one of the best years of my young life. During this time Douven often spoke about the rumor of an old dragon tomb near the village of Winterhaven and how he would like to find it. I continually offered to go with him but he always told me that I was not ready and that I should be patient. When my year of apprenticeship was over I said my goodbyes and promised to return at regular intervals..

I continued my Zhind eager to learn more and bring honor to my name. During my travels I explored the world and met many people from different races, some dedicated to the martial arts and other dabbling in arcana or religion. However I could not get the thought of the old dragon tomb out of my head and I found myself retracing my steps back Douven and Elanna. Upon returning to their home I found that Douven had left without me. Elanna had not heard from him for a long time now and begged me to go and find him. I gave her my work that I would find him and bring him back. Then I set out towards Winterhaven filled with a sense of purpose.

On the road towards Winterhaven I stumbled upon some other travelers heading the same way and we decided to travel together. My companions are now:

Borko – A sturdy, grim-looking dwarf wielding two warhammers, he always seems eager for combat.

Donko – Brother to Borko and a servant of Moradin, although he seems a bit loofy his heart is in the right place.

Vellia – A charming and agile Halfling woman, a very pleasant travel company I must say

Binlain – An Eladrin Mage of the Feywild with a peculiar knack of disappearing from time to time

We are now nearing Winterhaven when Velja discovers some tracks on the road. Binlain bends down to examine the tracks more carefully but he is not able to tell us anything about them. My training kicks into action and I ask Velja to scout ahead. She disappears into the trees on the right side of the road and is gone for a few minutes. Suddenly she reappears and signals that there are three creatures lying in an ambush further up the road. Then she disappears before I can communicate anything back. The next thing we hear is the sound of fighting. Me and the two dwarves immediately move up the road and find Velja in close combat with two kobolds wearing dragonscale shields. Further up the road lies a dead kobold.

Meanwhile Binlain has moved up along the right side of the road and unleashed his magic, unfortunately is does not seem to have had any effect. Now more kobolds appear on the other side of the road and one of them throws a pot of glue on Borko who is immobilized. The others move in stabbing at him with their spears, some of them striking true. What now follows does not bring any honor to any of us since most attacks from both sides misses their intended target. I’m finally able to bring down a kobold with a furious smash with my shield when Velja comes running into the group followed by a kobold with a dragonscale shield. Binlain takes out two more kobolds with a scorching burst before he is set on fire by a fire pot from the kobold slinger.

Borko has finally managed to free himself from the glue and goes after the slinger together with Velja. Donko lands a a couple of heavy blows with her impressive maul but the remaining kobolds refuse to go down. Suddenly Binlain appears from behind a rock, he has been able to put out the fire in his robes and now he raises his still smoldering arms to unleash a Thunderwave that sends one of the kobolds flying. He is dead before he hits the ground. I move up towards the remaining kobold while at the same time directing Donko to move up alongside of him. My attack misses but Donkos do not and the kobold falls to the ground. I turn around to see that Borko and Velja has taken care of the slinger. The battle is over and we set about gathering the useful items and discuss our tactics should we encounter more enemies.


Skymningstid Thengil